Challenge 13:: Pieve skirt:: finished

OK, and now for the finished skirt.
On the left is the inspiration from Boden and on the right is the skirt I drafted. It looks pretty similar - I don't actually know how much the Boden skirt flares at the hem - they don't give those measurements - but it looks pretty close.

And now for some details: skirt in the original pattern started at the waist and was about 56 cm long (22 in). I typically prefer skirts that sit a bit below the waist (the Boden skirt sits at waist) so I took off 2 cm from the waist. I cut the skirt using that pattern. Then I wanted to add the black "band", or maybe it would be better called a yoke, so I cut another 2 cm to use as the pattern for the "yoke". The second and third picture below show how I made the "yoke" pattern for the back.

And this is what it looks like on the form... I don't know if you can really tell, but it fits really well, slightly below the waist, to elongate the torso.

I was never very good at zippers, and I made an attempt to do an invisible zipper. It wasn't too bad, but in all honesty, It should be ripped out and put back in.

It's really hard to tell, but the picture on the right below is actually the back. Not very exciting, is it?
The fabric is a printed linen I bought downtown LA ages ago for $1/yard. I still have 2 yards left. The black yoke and the bias tape at the hem are also linen. 

I really like this skirt. I think it's just flared enough to be a little less formal then the straight skirt, but formal enough so you can make it as a part of a suit. I think a few variations are in order... 

Some techniques you might find useful:

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  1. This is a very pretty skirt!

  2. Hi Nina, I just found your blog through a link from Burda, I think it was the basic block. I came to a standstill with sewing muslins last week and realized that I NEED to start from the beginning with a set of basic blocks. No more faffing about making the same alterations every time! It's really great to see more people doing this. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create, and hope you don't mind if I link to your blog.

  3. No problem, link away. Thanks!