Challenge 8:: Steva Dress: finished

Here we go... Steva dress. Finished.

This one was relatively easy, from drafting where I was able to more-or-less reuse pieces of patterns from previous challenges, to cutting the fabric and finally sewing.

I used a black/white seersucker fabric, it was similar to the dress I saw in a shop close by, which was an inspiration for this dress. OK the fabrics is not the greatest, but I vowed I would not be buying new fabrics until I use all I have here it home. And I have enough for a few more projects.

This was the first time ever I worked with seersucker and I was a bit afraid that it would be... demanding. But it was not so bad.

The biggest problem was drawing seamlines on the fabric. I have the chalk pencil (which needs to be sharpened every minute!) but the fabrics keeps moving and puckering. And, you have to be carful not to pull on it when sewing because it has a bit of "stretch" to it, so if you pull, at the end, when released it will pucker. I have a bit of that problem at the bottom, because I used the serger to sew the bottom band to the bodice and it was stretching the fabrics. But not too much.

I like the way this one turned out. It is relaxed, but not too baggy. I think it would look good with both tights or jeans. You could cut the sleeves short or make them full length with a band. And you can wear it untied at the neck, like this...

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am reworking this project and will change it up a bit. So I will not be working on another challenge just yet. I will give you the details soon...

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