Challenge 14:: Rossa shirt:: finished

Here it is... On the right the inspiration (Sydney top from Steven Alan) and on the left my finished Rossa shirt.

I planned to take some shots of me wearing it this time. I really did. But I could not find my tripod... I haven't used it for so long. Next time, I promise.

The fabric comes from the local Fabric Planet and was bought very recently. I have to say it looked better in the shop than when I actually cut it.

It looked to busy so I used some stash linen for contrast. I was debating using darker linen, to match the print (which is actually not flowers but clocks!), but the effect was - well, dark and drab. So I ended up using this lighter linen and I have to say I like the result.

I wish I could show you what it looks like on, but the pattern modifications I did made a difference. It looks really good with skinny pants... probably would with a skirt too, but I haven't try that.

The collar ended up perfect - no need to do any modifications. And it was really easier to put on than I have expected (not having much experience with collars). And the neck gathers add a nice little detail.

I did not know what exactly to do with the sleeves, so I simply used some bias tape (actually it wasn't cut on bias, I didn't want it to be stretch) and finished the end. 

Buttons gave me some grief. These are small buttons, so I was not going to make the loop out of fabric - too small. I didn't have time to go to the store, I needed to finish this (and adding these loops was actually the first step that needed to be done, so I couldn't put it off), so I ended up using some dark thin elastic I had on hand. Ended up being a little too thick, so it's wrinkling the fabric a little around the buttons. I definitely need to use something different next time.

All in all this was fun to make. Both pattern drafting and sewing (as I mentioned before, cutting fabric is not my favorite thing). And it wasn't that difficult too. I started from the basic sloper and a few modifications later I had this pattern. When you think about how much you modify finished patterns that don't fit - I think this is not too bad.

As a side note... this fabric made an appearance on another blog this week... it was made into a very different top. Go and check out at Cation Designs.

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  1. You are right, it is a very different blouse! But I like yours a lot; the contrasting linen bands look really nice with the fabric. I am pretty sure yours is more wearable on an everyday basis, too! ;)

  2. Congratulations on another wonderful shirt! I enjoy following your pattern making adventures.

  3. Beautiful blouse! I love the combination of fabrics. I too enjoy reading about your pattern making, very inspirational.