Week 5:: Lez Top: finished

You might have noticed there is no "fitting and pattern modification" post. No, I did not forget, I simply did not make a muslin for this one. Why? It has been a few months since I made this one, but I really think it is because I made a similar top, except I cut it too low below the bust, so it did not turn out the way I planned. Since the modification did not really change the fit so much, I felt confident enough to just go with it. And it turned out really well.

Here is the inspiration, just as a reminder. And the finished item. ( I am still not ready for the sleeves).

Not much to say... I used a bias tape made of the same fabric to finish arms and neck. And I was in a hurry so I just serged the hem. That's it. A close up:

And here is how it fits the dress form. I planned to take more pics over the weekend, outside, but... Oh well. But it was also so foggy most of the time, the pics might not have turned out anyway...

Pattern coming soon...

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  1. It is such a beautiful top, well done! I really love the detail of the line under the bust!!! Again, well done!