Week 2:: A-line sleeveless top variation - 50s babydoll: finished

So what do you think? Does it look like the pink McCalls top (except for the scalloped edge and the ruffles on the yoke)? 

I have to say I do like the way it turned out. Guessing worked well - guessing the flare at the hem (which I serged by the way) and the depth of the yoke.

The way I did the yoke - I cut both front and back yoke twice and then I finished the underarm portion (which is not part of the yoke) using a bit of yellow bias tape. Figuring out the steps to attach the yoke and have nice finished seams was the most challenging part. What I ended up doing is that I sewed the yoke together first - finishing the neck and underarm seams, leaving open the bottom of yoke. Then I sewed bottom front and back together, finished the exposed underarm seam with bis tape and then sewed that onto the yoke. 

The material I used was a thrifted sheet with these gorgeous flowers, designed by Hanae Mori. I think it looks great as a pajama top. 

Some techniques you might find useful:
How to draw and sew facing (scroll down to see how to sew facing, in this case how to sew yokes together)
Tutorial: How to Make an Easy Scalloped Hem (if you really want to make one)

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Week 2:: A-line sleeveless top variation - 50s babydoll: fitting and pattern modification

I made a similar top a few months back except that I started with a slightly different pattern. You can find more pictures and detailed instructions here.  

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