Challenge 10:: Editt:: finished

Editt: all finished. 

I decided to go with different fabric, from what I showed in the drafting post. I though that fabric, which is a shiny, thin beautiful cotton, was too stiff, and wouldn't drape fluidly enough. 

Instead, I went with another fabric from my stash, something I bought many years ago. A very thin, slightly crinkled, man made material. But it was silky enough for this design. 

I was very worried about working with this fabric. It is a little chiffon-like, but less shifty. Almost no bias stretch at all. I worked once before with chiffon, and it was a nightmare. Ended in a trash bin. So I ran out to buy a large piece of fleece, because I read once, somewhere, that to cut chiffon without shifting, you can place it over fleece. And it worked. Not that I enjoyed it that much. But it worked.

The tough part was doing the bias strip around the neck and arms openings. It was so slippery. I ended up using the smallest zig-zag stitch to finish it, to make sure it does not slip away. One good thing is that my machine did not attempt to eat the fabric, not even once. I had that experience once with silk. Never finished that project, because I could not figure out what the problem was.

All in all, this turned out very nicely. It took a bit longer than expected, because of the fabric, but I am very happy with it. I have to say though, my favorite fabrics to work with, by far, are linen and cotton. But you can't make everything out of cotton. Or can you?

I had some left over fabric, so I made it into a scarf. Long enough to tie around the waist. 

Some techniques you might find useful:


  1. Lovely top! I really like the slight gathering detail. The scarf is a great accessory, worn either way.