Challenge 15:: Gima tunic:: finished

This is Gima tunic. For those that have not seen the intro post for Challenge 15, it's the sketch on the right, the one without the pockets.

It turned out a little bit different but I really like it. I wore it all day today, and it was really, really comfortable. 

The pics with me modeling the tunic are really bad, I know. I do need that tripod that has been mia for a while now. In the picture below I look like I have big bust, when I really don't - not that there is anything wrong with big bust; it's just really hard to take a picture holding the camera like this...

The tunic turned out a bot different than the sketch. For one it has more of an A-line, and I did not do hem pintucks. The fabric was too thin and I think that was the reason I had hard time keeping the tucks straight and parallel. Another reason was that the hem turned out to be a little curved - because of the A-line, and I didn't want to have make tucks on a separate strip of fabric (like I did for the sleeves) and add it on. Oh, and I wouldn't have enough fabric anyway. I could barely get these pieces as is.

Also, with the A-line, this top has more ease than in the sketch, making it more loose and really comfy.

The closeup of the tucks in the front. I had a little "duh" moment here, almost had to do the tucks panel all over again (and I do not like to make mistakes; I do not like to have to redo things). When I cut the front, I cut it with the panel, I never really made a pattern for it. I thought I would leave the panel in (not cut it out) at first, to make sure the neck sits nicely. Then I would cut out the panel and use that as a template for the pintucked, finished panel. Well, I miscalculated the seam allowance, so instead of my usual 1/2 in, I ended with a 1/4 in. Almost wasn't able to fit it. The workaround was to use 1/4 in seam allowance which made the neck narrower by 1/4 in on both sides, but luckily that wasn't a big deal.

This is just to show you how nice and flat it sits on the chest. I didn't use any stabilizer on the panel. The pintucked, front piece was a little stiffer because of the tucks, and then I added the back to it, and it turned out stiff enough. Neck is finished with a bias tape.

(I need a bit of a tan)

And finally, the sleeves. Another "duh" moment. Well, sort of. When I drafted and cut the muslin, I did not take any width at he sleeve opening. It was simply straight. I though I would take it in after I make sure the sleeve fit well. I kinda forgot. So I cut strips for the pintucked part, made them as lond as I wanted the opening of the sleeve to be, and added some gathering to narrow the sleeve. Like a cuff, really. It turned out to be a nice little detail. However, when I do the other version of the tunic (sketch on the left) I will do a long sleeve, and then I will make a sleeve narrower at the opening.

Things will be quiet for a while here. School is done, and we are taking some time off to visit our family in Europe, so we'll be away until mid August. Then I will be back with more drafting. 

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