Week 3:: Sleeveless top with neckline gathers: finished

Finished. It was not too bad. Gathering is always a little tricky for me, I try to do it by the book, but something always seem to happen. This time I had a hard time adjusting tension for the gathering stitch. It was either too loose or too tight.

It also took me a while to pick the fabric for this one. First of all, I vowed to use up my stash, as much as possible and not go out buying more. Until I absolutely have to. When there is no way around it. I tried to go with knits, then I got scared of the gathers and knits. I was looking at a fabric with larger pattern, but that did not seem right. Finally I decided on this striped cotton? I really am not sure whether this is pure cotton, or a linen mix, but it is very soft and thin and has a nice drape. It is a faded print and I really like the colors. A little different. I am a sucker for stripes and I have a few in my stash. But I never really know what to do with them after I bring the fabric home... except in my quilts. Anything goes there...

The gathers turned out fine, but since this is very light and thin fabric they are not so visible (just look at the muslin, see how nice they fall there). Making the neckline a little tighter, with more gathers would have fixed that, and/or using stiffer fabric. Or adding more fullness in the pattern for thinner fabric.

By the way - the black line on the bias tape matching the black line in the front - total coincidence. I also like how the lines in this pattern converge toward the neckline.

 I cut this one very similar to the muslin, except I included 1/4 in seam allowance for the arm openings because I decided to turn the bias tape inside. I also added a hem at the bottom.

I like this... I think I will reuse this pattern.

Some techniques you might find useful:
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