Week 6:: Kioko blouse: finished

This one gave me some trouble: drafting, sewing, ironing AND photographing... Well, the lack of a good spot for taking photos (no light in the house, too bright or weird shadows outside) is to blame for the last one, but seriously, nothing really went smoothly.

However, it's finished and I am very pleased, after all the trouble, how it turned out.
From this (sad) illustration (it always looks better in my head) to the finished blouse (tunic really, but let's not be picky).

Really, the only deviation from the original idea is the elastic in the heigh waist seam. I have never done this before, and personally i dislike elastic and making casing for it, and then trying to put it in, and... This time I actually sew the elastic into the seam allowance, but gently pulling on it while sewing it down with a zig-zag stitch. I pulled a little more around the bust where I wanted a tighter fit, and a little less anywhere else. I thought I would have to rip it for sure, but the first try turned out great. Then I sewed the seam allowance folded toward the top - which hides the elastic and makes the inside look all neat... I like it that way.

I did not make any changes from the pattern, however, I did have to add one additional piece I have not mentioned in the previous post. The facing for the neck. Yes, you can barely see it in the pic above. Good that that one is easy. Simply trace around the neck and then 3 - 3.5 cm down the yoke seam and the seam under the bust. It will basically be a 3 - 3.5 cm wide strip.

I prefer taking pictures outside, but the soon today was sooo bright, and against the white wall + the shadow of the late morning sun. It just did not work. So the pics are from inside the only room with some decent morning sun. The fabric is a blend, off white with delicate pink or maybe light orange stripes (made of tiny dots). Nightmare to iron. I wonder why, blends are usually forgiving.

Overall, I like it. The choice of fabric, hmmmm, a bit boring maybe, even though I do still like the fabric itself, so cool and crisp. Would this work better in a colorful chiffon or similar thin fabric? I am yet to try chiffon. Actually I am terrified of it. So slippery. And would my machine try to eat it up?

I would love to hear comments, suggestions...

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  1. Another lovely blouse. I am enjoying this series! I wish I had the time to try this myself.