Challenge 8:: Help me decide...

Yes, I have decided to rename my posts from "week..." co "challenge" for reasons stated here, and No, I have not skipped Challenge 7, I am just trying something a little different.

I was shopping the other day, not necessarily for this project, but I came across two fabrics I couldn't pass on. The first one is this delicate print on cotton, off white background:

In my closet I don't have many prints, and those I have are small, like this one. That does not mean I don't like larger prints. I do. But then I am not sure what to do with them. This next one is a perfect example. I love it. Again, off white background, and this time very thin cotton (would that be lawn or voile?), with these gorgeous flowers in antique blue and red. See the Lego brick for size comparison. Unfortunately 2 yards was all that was left. 

Either of these would work for a romantic blouse or a shirt, me thinks?

But I would like to HEAR FROM YOU, pretty please. Do you like this fabric or is it hideous and I am way off track here? Which is your favorite and what would you make out of it? I will look through your responses and pick the fabric you liked most and one of your suggestions would become Challenge 8. 

But now I need to think about Challenge 7. Any ideas?

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