Challenge 7:: Faros tunic

Faros turns out to be a village on the island of Ikaria, Greece. Googled it, just in case... Hopefully it does not translate to anything bad!

OK, this one started with this picture from a 1970 issue of Burda. I like both tunics/dresses, but one I am talking about is the one with the larger plaid. It has the front yoke cut on bias, cute short sleeves and the back closure (not so crazy about the ties, buttons will do; and shorter,please - the opening in the back, not the dress).

(I don't have this issue of Burda, and unfortunately I have no idea where I got this picture from, sorry... somewhere out there...)

I like how that the yoke is cut low (but still above the bust line) - could it possibly "hide" the bust dart? It seems to actually be ending under arm? The top of this Carolina Herrera dress seems to be cut similarly.

Here are some more recent versions...

So... I want this tunic to be not too wide, not too long, have a neck opening like the inspiration pic from 1970, short sleeves like the last model, and yoke cut similar to the knipmode design above. Back button closure and maybe some gather in the front, just to keep it interesting... We'll see...


  1. Me self drafted patterns have always stopped short of a sleeve...so good luck!