Week 4:: basic sleeveless top: finished

Yes, finally... Finished. A little bit yesterday, a few minutes here and there today. Then pictures - which I cannot take at the bast time of day, but whenever I get a few minutes, so they are not so great. And here we are, basic sleeveless (why am I calling it that?), in blue linen - it is very light, pictures taken inside (on the hanger) are true to color. The outside pics turned out a bit too blue:

It is really nice chambray linen, a little bit on a thicker side, very wrinkly and soft. I actually used it to make this pillow a while back. It really goes well with everything and anything. 

A little closeup:

I used a matching bias tape around the neck and a cotton one from a previous project to finish armholes (bias tape on the underside). Darts turned out very nice and smooth.

Just a few more pics... 

Wouldn't this make a nice dress?

I will definitely reuse this pattern. In fact, next week, I will write about a top I made previously because I would like to make pdf versions of these 4 patterns I made over the last 4 weeks and make them available for download. We'll see how that goes.

Some techniques you might find useful:

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***** Edited 10/20/2011 **** PATTERN AVAILABLE HERE ****


  1. Are there instructions for this pattern?

  2. Unfortunately not yet. I am working on it. For now this is all I have:


    Size: Burda 38 (see size chart). Sizes, 34, 36, 40, 42 and 44 coming later.

    This file contains a pattern for the A-line sleeveless top in this project (front and back). It has 12 pages in total and does not include any instructions. In addition to parts included in the file, you will need bias tape to finish neckline and arm openings. Seam allowances are NOT included! Before printing the whole file, print only page 1 and measure the square – it should be 5 x 5 cm. Make sure you are printing at 100% scale, and that “borderless” is not checked. If you are using a Mac, use Adobe, Preview did not work for me (consistently scaled up the printout, I could never get 100% scaling).

  3. i like all the modifications over basic pattern

  4. dear flekka, i am a total beginner. and i downloaded ur pattern and it looked very easy. however i donno why, i am so discouraged. when i did the bias attaching to the neck it got total mess and i could do well the round shape. how did u do it so clean doing round sewing?
    second question, my sleeves also gone wrong, the back side overlapped the front side with seams. is it normal?
    third is, i am so discouraged. is it normal to be this bad? how did u learn it so pro? any tips? thank youuuuu