Week 3:: Sleeveless top with neckline gathers

The next challenge is this top from the April 2011 Burda issue. I feel I need to make something clear. I do not wish to copy this pattern (in fact I have this Burda issue) or encourage anybody to do this. You can purchase this pattern from Burdastyle in sizes 34 - 44. I am simply using this picture as an inspiration for a similar top. 

What I liked about it are the gathers around the neck. This top has no darts, it seems to not have any flare at the hemline and no closures. I believe it was not cut on bias. So, the challenge for this week is going to be to move the bust darts into the neckline and also add some volume for the gather... 

The similar method could be used for this top as well - again, no darts and gathers around the neck. 


What fabric should I use? Hmmm...

I feel that my post headlines are too long. I am trying to keep it descriptive, but maybe I should just make up a name for the top? Not sure...

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