Challenge 15:: Gima tunic:: intro

For Challenge 15 we have a tunic, or a dress, depending on how you look at it. The inspiration for this challenge comes from Boden tunics. I like a lot of them, too many to post here, so here is just one example - Notch Neck tunic.

I am planning for a slightly different top: deep square neck with a pintuck panel, elbow length sleeves and some additional pintuck details on the sleeves as well as the hem (we'll see about the hem). I originally made the sketch on the left, but since I am using a patterned fabric, I thought the additional seams would be too much - and I am NOT going to do any pattern matching. Also, the fabric is a little transparent so pockets like these wouldn't fit well. But I am going to make that one out of a solid chambray I have in my stash. So here I will be drafting the simpler version - the sketch on the right.

Also, most of all (woven) Boden tunics have side zippers, so they are probably more fitted - my version will be a pull-over.

You may have noticed that my sketch looks much better than in some previous challenges. I can draw a nice arm opening curve, but if I have to sketch a blouse it looks terrible, all out of proportion. So I used a fashion form (or a croquis). That's one of the things I have been researching while on a hiatus from this project. I looked into a number of forms, free downloadable ones. There are many to choose from at the Design Nexus, there is a croquis family over at the Threads Magazine, but I finally settled on the Fashionary templates. The outline prints very faintly, so you can draw over it, write over it and it does not stick out. I am actually ordering their sketchbook, I think it could be very useful

Now on to drafting the back and the front.

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  1. I am so in admiration of you persistence in drafting your own patterns. This tunic will be lovely.

    I did buy the fashionary sketch book but my daughter has stolen it from me! I'll have to get another.