Challenge 10:: Editt:: muslin and modifications

A thrifted shirt makes a very economic, but not necessarily sightly, muslin. This choice also posed another problem: this fabric was a bit too stiff for this top, but I was not going to cut another one, so I had to use my imagination and hope for the best.

The fit was mostly OK: the shoulder and the front gathers, the overall drape. But I felt it was a bit too wide around the bust. 

When I cut muslin I do not include seam allowances for the neck/arm openings for sleeveless tops with a simple neckline (no closures or collars). That way I can see the final size, without finishing them.

I did just one small, simple modification: I took in 1 cm on the side seam on the back, not the front. This is what the muslin looks like after the modification. A little less width at the bust.

This is what I did on the pattern - simply redraw the side seam 1 cm in. I also reshape the arm opening a bit. That's it.

Next, the finished Editt top...

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