Week 2:: A-line sleeveless top variation: 50s babydoll

This is the challenge for this week. Except that this week might extend into next week because I have to make a baby quilt by Saturday, and fitting that and making this top, might be a little challenging. Ha!

In this exercise I will be using the pattern from Week 1 and modifying it to get this top, to show that not all patterns have to be made from the sloper. I am going to do the pink one (I will see about the scalloped edge though), and then I will describe how to make the pattern for the white pajama top in the picture.

I have made this pattern before, but I had a different A-line pattern to start with (different from the one I will be using this week), so the steps will be different. If you are interested in that pattern see here (instructions as well as the pattern are available).

Week 2:: A-line sleeveless top variation - 50s babydoll: drafting


  1. How long did the baby quilt take you? It was incredible!

  2. About a week. Thanks, I am happy they liked it too.