Challenge 14:: Rossa shirt:: muslin and modifications

So... here is the muslin. Again, thrifted sheets came in handy. Cutting the fabrics is not my favorite thing - unlike cutting for quilts which I find therapeutic - so I decided not to cut  the collar or the button placket. I just wanted to try the overall fit. I was actually pretty confident I will not have any major problems, as in previous challenges, and I decided to wing it with the collar - which is one thing I haven't done before. And, the collar can be easily redesigned without the need of changing any other pattern pieces.

It really did fit well. Not perfect though. I found it a bit too short and hem, well, a little bit boring. The sleeve was too long but fit very nicely. The neckline was fine. I did find it a bit boxy, so I decided to taper it in slightly at the waist - this is a loose fitting shirt after all. And to lengthen it a bit and add a bit more width at the hip - not that it was tight or anything, I just thought it would fall more nicely. That's about it. I had no idea how to finish the sleeve at this point, I just knew it would be long...

So, in the front, at the waist I took in as much as I added originally, so that it was as wide as the basic sloper. I added 2 cm at the hip and lengthen the front by 1 inch. I also decided to have a little opening on the side - 10 cm, so I drew that in too.

Instead of simple hem finish, I decided to do a decorative band along the hem, so I drew that in too (in red) - I later copied that part because it will be cut separately.

In the back, same as in the front, I made the waistline as wide as the basic sloper and then I added 1 cm at the hip. I added 2 more inches to the length to make the back a little longer than the front. To match the side opening, I matched the front and back pattern pieces - see pic on the right below.

I copied the hem piece on both front and back...

And when I finally cut all the pieces out this is what I had...

And now onto the finished piece...

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