Challenge 8:: Steva Dress: muslin

Here it is. It fits just how I wanted it to fit. But I wasn't surprised. Not that I am bragging here, it is just that the bodice of this dress is basically the same as the Week 4 top, and the sleeve fit was tested in the last challenge. So I expected no surprises. The bottom of the dress would not change the fit, and neither would the slit neck (which is the reason I did not do it on the muslin).

Darts are fitting nicely.

The sleeve and the back... good too.

I am almost done with this dress - I only have to put in the sleeves. And I like it a lot. The reason I have not finished it yet is because I was thinking about this little project of mine and it seems that I am going to change it up a bit. I am still figuring out the details, but I will give you the details probably later this week. But before that I will show you the finished Steva dress.

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