A completely new challenge...

...which is the new year.

I have not been around for a while, I know. Time before the holidays tends to slip, fast. And then vacation... some traveling... kids at home... no productivity. I am not complaining, I had wonderful time with my family and friends. I did not learn how to cross-country ski, which was on my list, because there was no snow in Mammoth (except the slopes), but I did some wonderful hikes. And rested a lot.

I do wish my work is more portable... I wish I could just take my sewing machine and all other things I need with me. But I can't.

I did a lot of thinking and planning, though. I have a project I need to finish this week, so I will not be here. I just don't like unfinished projects lying round. Not that I don;t have a few. But then I will be back...

I will be back with an improved pattern for the basic sleeveless top in a few sizes. It will be a little different though - I will give you the details next week. It will still be a free download. Then, in the following weeks I will work on several patterns based on this pattern. Again, details will follow.

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